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Intellectual Property Notice

Most of the material on this Web site is either in the public domain or is the intellectual property of the author, J W Durham. Rights to other material are given with that material, if the rights are known.

All rights to dissemination, publication, copying, or other reproduction of the works or content presented in this Web site are retained in full by the author. No publication, copying, or other reproduction, including reading for a recording to be distributed for profit or incorporation in a video, film, or other recorded-presentation medium is permitted without the author’s specific written permission.

There is exactly one exception to the foregoing restrictions. The exception is that reviewers may quote brief passages or excerpts, each such quotation not to exceed 200 words in length, for illustrative or commentary purposes in a review, provided that the author of this work has been notified prior to the publication of the review, such notification to include a complete copy of the review. For information on such permission, contact the author at:

J W Durham
2609 W Southern Ave #382
Tempe, Arizona 85282


Much of my writing contains passages unsuitable for children or for adults who may be sensitive to descriptions of sexual activities, violence, and the consequences of violence. These works are intended only for mature adult readers.

Much of my writing is political. Some readers may be offended by depictions of the activities and attitudes of some political characters. The same may be said of religion – there is substantial religious material in certain passages. Some readers may be offended.

In works of fiction, except for brief mentions of well-known public figures, all of the characters are purely the creations of the author and are not intended to represent real people, living or dead. References to public figures are fictional and should in no way be understood as describing or implying any traits, behaviors, or characteristics of those public figures mentioned.

None of the descriptions of or references to sexual activities, violence, political extremism, or other unusual entities, feelings, or events should be taken as an endorsement of what is described. In fact, the author deplores almost all such entities, events, or feelings as described. Effective and admirable people are honest, friendly, and inclined not to go to extremes. The characters appearing in my works are (with only minor exceptions) my creations, and, not being real people, may have exaggerated traits or traits that are entirely fabricated. While some of the characters are admirable people, many are not. Readers are expected to use good judgment in evaluating the characters and the works in which they are found.

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